Thursday, October 20, 2005

Poetry With Pusha V : Who ate my soup?

Hello friends this is what I like to call Poetry with Pusha V. I know I know this is what you guys have been waiting for. You dreams have come true and no it is not a nightmare. Every once in a while I will drop a poem like cold fries in hot grease. Hehe sit back and enjoy. (My blog never sleeps it keep on updating itself.) I ALSO CHANGED THE RANDOM QUESTION ON MY PROFILE,

Hey who ate my soup!?
My day was fine but now it is turning into poop.
Trying to find it I turned over the couch.
Disappointed I ran and screamed in rage out of my house.
I smell a soup!
Being so hungry I started to foam at the mouth.
People are staring at me as if I am a total goof.
Cuz' I left my soup on top of my roof!
Muaha ha ha
ha ha
Thank you.
(Now you may snap your fingers)
Post your comments on this. Lol


Virginia Valle said...

:) I love soup :).. Whta kind ths soup is your favourite :)??

Pusha V said...

Clam Chower mixed with ramen.