Thursday, October 20, 2005

Digital watercolors

100 percent photoshop7 sketch and digital water color (A custom brush I made).
I was playing around. I had to heat up the wacom that is under my computer desk.
Post crits and comments
click on the image to enlarge.
Lol a messy doodle. Burning free time at home.
I had to draw something when I came home.
Oh that is what the digital pencil looks like Alina if you were wondering (The ninja figure).


Alina Chau said...


Thanks for your brushes and feedback. :) I like the look of your brushes!! How do you create custom brushes in photoshop. I will post another digital paint experiment later today, appreciate any input. :)


Pusha V said...

Here is a link to one of many tutorials...

Thanks. Some call me the brush king. I dunno why lol.

Virginia Valle said...

:) I so glad you'll fix this and please be more lovely with me :P

Virginia Valle said...

Linda is a master with that :)

Pusha V said...

Lol I have like over 2 megabytes of my own custom brushes. I am like the mad hatter of brushes lol. And I have the same for painter. Brush making is fun. I can even make one of your dolls virginia. Lol.

Virginia Valle said...

:):PPPPP bad boy like the music :P

I like the watercolor ... is nice to see you are playing with this

Pusha V said...

Yeah refreshing aint it. lol
I should try to do a mastercopy one day.
Right now trying to study artwork to get better. lol.