Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Pokemon Concept for Sketch Blogstars

Done on 8x11 a4 sized printer paper and inked with pigma pens.
He is called Clobabbit a psychic pokemon with grass type powers.
I liked how this turned out.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Illustration Friday : Your Paradise

I made this a while back. Done in photoshop 7 with a wacom graphire 2 tablet.
Total time about 1hour. I used a reference to get the likeness of the girl down.
The image reminds me of a shampoo commercial on TV where the lady gets out of the shower and her hair is shining and she has a smile on her face like she is in "paradise."
Sorry that I did not update my blog. I was busy moving things around the house and I was also working on a web comic on Looks like I am not gonna finish the webcomic but I am coming up with another webcomic idea. A better one at that.
I also added a new music track to the blog. Just click on the text chocolate ramen noodle at the top of the page.

I created a group blog for anyone who is interested in joining me and making it happen.
All you need is a blogger account and post your blogger email so I can add you to the contributer list. The blog that I am talking about is here................