Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Swan like pose! Cgtalk 15 min.s sketch-a-thon

Photoshop 7 about 18 mins.
I did this on cgtalk's sketch-a-thon thread.
It is mad fun!
Click to enlarge the image
Post your crits and comments.


Virginia Valle said...

look nice :) maybe will great for the background with warm colours like yellow,orange and a little green :)

Virginia Valle said...

ohh what for cgtalk :) 15 minutes soo forgot my last comments :) LOOK GREAT :)

Virginia Valle said...

good night pusha :)

Mike Barth said...


you have a very interesting painting style. almost out of focus looking. its a very nice effect..

keep it up


Virginia Valle said...

I not sure if today this day so Happy Thanksgiving to you too

Cecilia's Art said...

holis!! epaaa! what a nice painting!!, u are improving a lot!!
u can see u can do what u want!!!
the only thing u have to do is believe in u!
take care and kisses.

Pusha V said...

Thank you very much.

St John Street said...

the graph style so mad steeze son dope stuff , I like 2 hear your comments bro

The Whippy Curly Tails said...