Saturday, November 05, 2005

Character design in animated style.

Done with wooden no.2 pencil from papermate on printer paper about 10 mins.
Here is the 3rd character I sketched out for the project. I dunno if he will make it in.
I felt like drawing a character in hip urban clothes in an animated style.
Post your crits and comments.
Click on the image to enlarge.
Looks like I picked up the pencil again.
I keep wanting to call this character, "Jaycen"
I have to still work on a last name. :)


Virginia Valle said...

Pusha really well done the character :). You will paint to him... I think the all your character drawings I like more him :).. Beautiful done
Congrats !!!!

Pusha V said...

Thanks. alot. :)

Pusha V said...

I am currently working on the kid designs and the neighborhood people of the story. The night is young lol.

Alina Chau said...

COOOL drawing!! Are you going to color the character? V nice design!!

JacqueLynn said...

Love the eyes. I don't see how you managed so much depth in those eyes, but they just draw me in. Really good

Pusha V said...

Thanks everyone.
I may color him soon.
JacqueLynn- Lol it is a magic trick lol. I was studying anime model sheets from shows like Samurai Champloo for a while now and getting depth on minimal lines is tricky. It is hard to explain. :)

Santi said...

Nice design,I like it :)

Pusha V said...

Lol this is not the best one lol.
I have more!
Thanks for the complements.

Catnapping said...

you can read emotion in this kid's face. excellent work.

i like the drape of the clothing, too.

Pusha V said...

Lol thank you very much.

Mark McDonnell said...

Great sketch man. Love the icon too. Let's hope the show gets re-upped for a second season.


G1toons said...

this is a tight lil character love the design, like to see it in color
aiight peace