Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Internet Humor : Shingo!

post your comments about the video lol.
I was going to post another poem but I wanted to do something different
called internet humor where I find something funny on the internet and share it with you guys.
I like the hoody mafia in the video lol.


Alina Chau said...

This is quite a fun silly film!! But to say it's quite well make, I find it much more entertaining then Power Ranger!! LOL

St John Street said...

That was crazy sh#it son where'd u find it, yo do u know the name of a japanese magician that kills That David guy I've bits fo his act here an there. I know u must like da kick up this other dude put out a little game of tag the subject is what would you do if u were a ninja Hook dat Sh#t up and post by friday if your not 2 busy ,peace 4 now time 2 break out like a rash

Virginia Valle said...

heheheh Pusha I prefer Power Ranger too :P funny video ;)

Pusha V said...

St john- lol i was browsing the net and I stumbled across it lol.

Lol this is funnier than power rangers lol.
and the guy still does not know what he is lol.

Tony Truong said...

haha.. i liked the video... its well put together.

Hey, wut would you do if you were a ninja.. hehe.

Pusha V said...

Lol If I was a ninja I would save the laydees from badguys.
Yeah lol.
I would be a megahero.

I found more funny videos that will make you laugh harder lol.

Alina Chau said...


The link is fun, I send it out to my friends.LOL
Real cool recommendation. ;)

Pusha V said...

Lol. I watched more funny videos lol I will post the links later.
*SHWING* lol
I had to throw that sound fx in lol.

Alina- That right lol. Pass it along lol. Pink Fresh are you okay lol. I love that part.