Sunday, November 06, 2005

My monster and new avatar!

The top image is my dsg speed painting from cgtalk
Done in photoshop7 with a graphire2
The bottom Image is my new avatar.
His name is Riley and he is a character from the comic strip
The Boondocks, You may have seen it in you local newspaper.
The comic has been turned into a cartoon show on Adult Swim.
It debuts tonight at 11pm eastern time 10pm central time.
For the official site for the show go here.....
You can check out a fansite for the show here......


Cecilia's Art said...

hola pushaaa!!!, how are u? i hope fine and drawing, ´cos u do that very well!! i love these drawings and i like your human figures very much, i ´m waiting more! kisses and hugs.

Virginia Valle said...

Nice avatar and nice drawing :)

she doesnt look a monster :P,she look a hotty girl try to catch to Pusha :P

Pusha V said...

Lol she is a ghost lol.
I did it for cgtalk daily sketch group Lol the avatar is nice lol.

Cecilia-You will have more lol.

Virginia-Lol she was surposed to be a bit scary but I guess that that did not work. :)

Santi said...

Cool icon profile......PuRsha I updated my blog :P
About your monster.. Mann I was waiting a real monster :P not a hotty woman :D ..hahahahahhahahahahahhaa hahaah I don't have scared about that monster :p

Pusha V said...

Santi At times I think ouside of the box. Sometimes to far outside lol.

Alina Chau said...

HEY!! Cooool new stuffs!! love your new icon!! Is that you? COOOOL drawings!!

Pusha V said...

Alina-Lol nope it is riley from the boondocks comic strip/animated series.

Tony Sarrecchia said...

The Boondocks is pretty cool. I missed the premire--how was it?

Pusha V said...

It was tooooooooooooo funny! :)