Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Master of Light Pusha V!

Digital speed paint.
I started this puppy in painter7 but then I took this into photoshop7.
Post your crits and comments.
Gaze at this beautiful and elegant work of art.
Let your taste buds clash against your palate in a joyous laughter.
Free your mind. Free your mind.
Rest your head on the couch but take your shoes off that is grade A naugahyde


John Nevarez said...

Hello! First off, thanks so much for the nice words on my blogspot. Much appreciate it!! Nice blog. Your digital sketches are great!!! There's seems to be alot more energy and life in those drawings versus the earlier ones. Keep fluid and stay loose. Looking forward to seeing more!!!

Pusha V said...


Virginia Valle said...


Thanks for visiting my blog :)
I hope to see more images from you

Pusha V said...

Thanks Virginiajoe. Good to se that you have came back to see my blog.