Sunday, December 10, 2006

New page logo and Photoshop brush tutorial

Here is the new top page logo. I may have made it too big.
Click on the image to enlargre

The top image is a realistic looking type of brush in photoshop.
Click to enlarge the image then save the image on your computer.
Open up photoshop and open up the image is a new document.
Then select all (control+a) then go to the top and select.....
Now name the brush whatever you want.
Then open up your brush options and adjust the spacing of the brush to something like 25 and lower.
Then add whatever other options that you add to your brushes.
After that save the brush preset so you do not loose your settings on the brush.
And happy painting.


CĂ„ttberry said...

hehe this one is really fun!! I like it ^^

CĂ„ttberry said...

hey yes! I do it all with photoshop I see you make lot of thinks with it too!! hehe how can you make that brush that is so similar to a real one?
I have added you in my links! now I will follow your work... ^^